Real Estate Tax Recovery up to 110%

A great opportunity of investment in Real Estate in Italy: Superbonus 110% (DL n.34 of 19/05/2020), You can invest in a Real Estate needing renovation and taking advantage of tax recovery on restructuring the property. Doesn’t matter you are Non-Italian and Non-resident, you are still eligible for gaining the fiscal benefit thanks to the possibility to pass the advantage to the contractor or to the bank. 

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Italy – Coronavirus doesn’t stop real estate market

Little contraction of prices allows great investment in Italy. Do not get entrapped in fake promises of 1  euro house in Italy or 1 dollar house in Italy. It is certainly possible to make great bargains but you need to know what you buy and where you are buying. In little villages of Italian country-side you can actually buy at real small price old properties from heirs transferred in town of passed away relatives who has no interest of keep property even in villages reach of history and traditions. So you can get the opportunity to renovate a property at the most up-to-date style and technology keeping the traditional or stone-style external to create your little charming nest. Also It is good time to realize your dream of buying a little escape home in Rome, never ending charming city of art and archeology.

In any case it is important to know:

– what would happen in case of re-selling by knowing what  the market trend of the area is;

– juridical status of the selling property.

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Luca Bartoccini
10 years experienced, dedicated and skilled realtor in Rome, co-operates with Perna Law firm offering his consultancy to clients in selecting properties with their ideal requisites.

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Real estate in Rome for U.S.A. citizens

Italy and the United States have a reciprocity treaty stating that Americans can buy property in Italy and Italians can buy property in America. (see below Visa, temporary and permanent residency)

If you are conducting a real estate transaction in Italy it is essential you have a legal and valid contract to protect you, the property, and the transaction. The contract sets forth the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller. Once the contract is finalized, the buyer and seller are both legally bound by its terms. It can be detrimental to either party if they did not understand all of the terms or if the terms are not what they intended before signing. This is why it is so important to have an experienced real estate attorney to review any real estate contract before you sign.

A real estate attorney is able to draft or review a contract for a real estate transaction. Even if you are working with a real estate broker or agent, it is still important to have an attorney review the contract. He or she is able to make sure your legal rights are protected and that you understand the terms of the contract.

Remember! a realtor is not legally allowed to give legal advice and cannot represent your legal rights. It is very important to know that in Italy the realtor is actually a mediator, a third neutral party, whose role is not to look after interest of either selling or buying party.